"In total I own five properties; commercial (including factories) and my personal mortgage, plus overdrafts and a host of equipment that was all financed by complex loans. Mick overhauled the ownership of the business and we underwent a total restructure, including a complete review of asset protection. He drew on years of experience, and considerable expertise, to deliver standalone assets and put me in a far stronger position."
David Shepherd
CEO & Owner, Southern Cross Farms
"It is refreshing to deal with somebody like Tony, who has everything you need in financial services. He has operated within the bank at a senior level, he understands how things operate internally and he has the technical expertise. Additionally, he manages every relationship personally. You may speak to a relationship manager when you deal directly with a bank, but it will be somebody else who has the technical competence."
Daniel Madhavan
CEO, Impact Investing Australia
"Tony isn’t a mortgage broker. He is a finance expert. His attention to detail and his knowledge of the mortgage market is hugely impressive. As a first-home buyer, everything you look at is complex, but there were no surprises along the way. Tony forged a clear cut blueprint that I fully understood, and the execution played out exactly to plan."
Sean Sammon
CEO & Director, Bastion S & Go
"I am a cabinet maker, not a banker, or a financier. I engage with people that explain everything with complete clarity; people that I trust. I have been down the path with financiers who do not want to put in the time and effort to speak my language, and understand my predicament; where I wanted to get to. Mick did all of that and the result was awesome."
Barry Moss
Owner, Rochet Kitchens