All of our brokers at Blackwood Financial Solutions have at least five years of experience in commercial lending with a big four bank. We have comprehensive knowledge across all sectors of commercial lending, including working capital requirements, business growth, and loans to purchase commercial property (owner occupied and investment). We are not only committed to the end result, but we understand the processes that leads to identifying the best solutions. We believe that the motivation of the client is paramount when sourcing and presenting tailored commercial solutions.


Purchasing a vehicle, or machinery, is often the largest financial decision you will make outside of your property. Yet rarely do people take a lot of time to obtain the best deal. Often this is due to the hard sell at the dealership, as the salesman looks to secure your signature before you have shopped around. At Blackwood Financial Solutions, we have access to multiple vehicle and equipment financiers, and we will do the leg-work to source the optimal deal available. We will also liaise with your accountant, or adviser, to ensure the best facility is available to you.


Given external influences, that are often outside of client control, Blackwood Financial Solutions understands the agricultural industry and its challenges. We have broad experience across many of the Agri Finance sectors, and we are particularly well-versed with the financing requirements of Broiler Farms. Regardless of the operation, we regard ongoing relationships as critical in successful ventures.


The rules and regulations that are involved in borrowing through an SMSF are extremely complex, and it is important to work with a professional broker, accountant, solicitor and financial planner. At Blackwood Financial Solutions, we can work with your professional team, or introduce you to our network. You should also ensure the broker you choose is an accredited, self-managed Super Credit Adviser.


Both Tony and Mick have worked in the Private Bank of NAB for a combined 10 years, servicing some of Australia’s wealthiest families. Given this experience and knowledge, we are well placed to assist you with home loan requirements. Whether you are a first home buyer, an upgrader, a refinancer or an investor, our tailored approach will ensure we find the best solution for you. We will compare the products of more than 30 lenders, complete all paperwork and negotiate a great deal on your behalf.


Does your business have a short term cashflow issue.  We have solutions available to assist businesses through these challenges